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Valentine's Day The Best And Worst

valentine cardValentine’s Day The Best And Worst: Valentine’s Day is wonderful for children, young lovers and businesses. The day offers the opportunity for couples of all ages to celebrate and enjoy romance.Below are some of my favorite stories about how young lovers celebrated Valentine’s Day Last year.As love matures, our symbols change. The once a year orchestrated gifts of balloons, lingerie, jewelry, flowers, nice cards and chocolate seem almost downplay the deepest love and the most important relationship in our lives.That is difficult for many young fans to understand.
Last Year’s Memorable Attempts:
“My friend is the world’s largest giver Finally, last Valentine’s Day, I decided I was going to force him to give me a quality gift,” said a woman I do not like the young meet.After favorite stomped her foot down, you’ll never guess where the couple landed. Yes. You’re right. The couple ended up in her bed, which was covered with rose petals. That’s almost like a movie. Wait! It is a scene from a movie.Another woman wrote that her heart leapt with joy to see “I love you” in red on their carport door. I hope that the relationship is found to be more permanent than the paint.
Still a satisfied lover lived on a farm where her new husband painted “I love you” on the grass in their pasture. No word if the cows gave milk the red following week.All kidding aside, these are expressions of smart love.Yet another woman complained her friend was not creative. She told him she was bored to tears with his gifts of chocolate and flowers.Obediently, the young man surprised her.How? He made sandwiches, bought an expensive bottle of wine and took her on a picnic. Where? They celebrated their love in the local cemetery. “I will never forget that day,” she recalls. I bet mourners are uncomfortable or not.Worst Valentine's Day Gifts
Other expressions:
In the Christian existentialist Soren Kierkegaard two volumes Either / Or, exchanges only about love between a young man driven by his feelings and an older man driven by his thinking and commitment.When I write my thesis on Kierkegaard, I was intrigued with the young man ethical right the older presence. Today I am no longer the youngest man.As the years pass, pairs change. Most spend less time in Hallmark stores or Frederick’s of Hollywood. Instead, they create meaningful, personal expressions of love that has become increasingly important to them than tangible gifts.
For centuries, philosophers have compared love for growing a garden that needs care and daily attention.Young gardeners’ dedication sometimes shrivels and the garden dies. But real gardeners and the true lovers of care for their gardens regularly.After the years pass, older couples smiling as they watch the celebration of young lovers. “Let’s see if they have what it takes to complete.” Older fans work for the daily care and to express shared symbols to create the depth of their love to celebrate.Source


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