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Redbox Offers Movie On Valentine's Day

Redbox Offers Movie On Valentine’s Day: Through Feb. 14, movie lovers can send a virtual Valentine’s Day greeting card with a free, one night DVD rental to a loved one via the Redbox Facebook page. The one night DVD rental is good for redemption on Valentine’s Day onlmovies from a redboxy. Additionally, Redbox gifts are available for purchase and can be shared via e-mail, text or Facebook.

While romantic comedies are preferred for date nights, drama and horror movies are rented more than other genres on Feb. 14, according to a recent Redbox survey.Surprised? While those surveyed said they picked a romantic comedy 38.8 percent of the time during a normal date night at home, the findings show most people go a little darker on Valentine’s Day. The most-rented movies at Redbox over the past six Valentine’s Days are: Paranormal Activity 2, Zombieland, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, No Reservations, Departed and Saw II.

Here are some other movie rental stats:
Date Nights With Movie Lights: More than six out of 10 Americans, or 61 percent, will be spending Valentine’s Day with a movie.Laughter Leads to Love: Romantic comedies top the list as the best movie genre for date night, or 38.8 percent, followed by laugh out loud comedies at 24.8 percent and new releases, with 18.5 percent.Real Life Romance: On-screen passion and off screen romance made Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling the couple to beat, as America voted “The Notebook” its favorite cinema love story, with 31.8 percent.

It’s the Thought That Counts: Nearly half of Americans, or 48.3 percent, hope to receive a thoughtful card this Valentine’s Day. Flowers, with 38.7 percent, candy with 23.3 percent, and jewelry with 18.9 percent, round out America’s wish lists.From the Heart: Forget fancy dinner reservations this year: more respondents would prefer a homemade meal on Valentine’s Day, at 37.7 percent.Source


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