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Valentine’s Day Weekend Away

Valentine’s Day Weekend Away: If you are looking for a unique gift for your partner to give for Valentine’s Day, consider planning a romantic weekend away.It should not be too fancy or super expensive, because it is the time together that is important, not the costs the gift.Here are a few creative ideas that will not cost more earth.Look up your nearest State Park. Most State Parks have a very reasonably priced accommodation is available, and you can usually choose from several “comfort” level.Weekend Away

My personal favorite is the family cabin. A bit rustic, but with all the comforts of home, including a bathroom with shower and a robust cabin kitchen.Then is ideal for outdoor types. These can not have running water or a kitchen. Cooking is strictly outside! If you do not “roughing it, there is usually a lodge where you can stay in an ordinary hotel room when your sweetie is not the wild type.

The advantage of staying at the lodge is that there is usually a large room with a large fireplace or something cozy perfect for cuddling with your Valentine! If these options do not appeal to you, another cheap weekend getaway idea is to stay at a local bed and breakfast, even if it’s in the same city you live! It can be a night to be gone, spending precious time together.
Combine a night away from home with a romantic Valentine’s dinner and you will fall in love with you all over again! If you are a little more money to spend, why not rent a limo, grab your Valentine and surprise him or her with a trip to the airport for a quick flight somewhere to stay? Depending on your budget, you can travel across the country or across the world.
If you are strapped for cash, your partner will surely enjoy a quiet night at home. Treat him / her to a romantic candlelight dinner, a hot bath, complete with candles and wine, and then a nice soft massage.You can achieve this kind of Valentine’s Day treat for under $ 50 and your Valentine will bother you in, and will remember for many years to come.Source


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